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How to choose equipments to install combi walls ?


Combi walls equipment is a wall plate production equipment, mainly using sawdust, straw, rice husk and a variety of crop straw, adding inorganic materials (such as talc powder, construction waste, diatomite, fly ash, etc.) by special process into combi walls. This article will introduce the combi walls manufacturing equipment.

HZ Combi walls

The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Combi walls production equipment

  • Combi walls equipment features

  • Combi walls production scale

  • Combi walls factory investment

  • Combi walls economic benefits


1. Combi walls production equipment:

Combi walls are made of medium density silicon-calcium plate as the middle composite core layer of surface layer. Generally, EPS particles are light aggregate foam concrete.Adopted mould calcium silicon plate precast on the machine first, template to stay prepared after pouring zone, EPS polystyrene foam particles in concrete mixing special mixing station, because for mixing data precision requirements, using automatic CNC operation assurance mixing inorganic additives play a role in introducing air into the pulp to further reduce the bulk density, at the same time, according to process requirements must guarantee uniformity after full into the mould.Only in this way can we ensure that the combi walls produced are not the premise of quality problems.According to the annual production scale design using different types of equipment.

Combi walls production equipment for the main: light aggregate non-standard custom mixing plant, combi walls molding machine, aluminum alloy mold.

Combi walls auxiliary equipment production: industrial boiler, EPS pregenerator, air compressor, auxiliary infrastructure.


2. Combi walls equipment features:

(1) The characteristics of combi walls equipment adopt the dual-drive roller extrusion process, products from sizing, main material, cloth, composite, compound pressure one-time completion of the entire plate production process, combi walls equipment automation degree is high, smooth operation, arbitrary specification adjustment.

(2) Combi walls equipment produces products with flat surface, smooth and high compactness, which truly realizes the industrial production line of new building partition plates. Greatly reduced the labor intensity of production workers.Completely changed the previous vertical mold, mold pouring molding a lot of disadvantages.


3. Combi walls production scale:

Domestic combi walls manufacturers have quality assurance, can meet the engineering supply manufacturers scale more to 200,000-360,000 square meters or above the annual production scale, because of combi walls raw materials supporting supply and demand and appearance of export demand and other factors in the large-scale manufacturers are mostly distributed in coastal provinces and cities and the mainland large and medium-sized cities.


4. Combi walls factory investment:

1) Plant: combi walls and boards storage yard for production.

2) Mechanical equipment: combi walls production equipment, combi walls production supporting auxiliary equipment.

3) Liquidity: combi walls inventory, enterprise turnover capital.


5. Combi walls economic benefits:

(1) The building area of every 100 square meters is about 110 square meters combi walls. Combi walls and red brick walls can reduce the weight of about 30 tons.

(2) Combi walls area increase by about 4.5%, 4,000 yuan per square meter, can save the total value of about 20,000 yuan.

(3) Combi walls and other walls in the cost of one side similar, but from the increase in area, reduce transport, reduce labor intensity and save construction costs, civilized construction and other aspects of consideration and comparison, its price is very cheap.

Our company specializes in the production of combi wall. If you need combi walls, please contact us.


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