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Home » News » Industry knowledge » How to control the crack of foundation pit in the construction of steel sheet pile?

How to control the crack of foundation pit in the construction of steel sheet pile?

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The development of the construction industry more and more now, building materials update soon, all kinds of building materials have appeared in the market, people are getting widely, especially in steel sheet pile construction, the concrete structure as these complex, both in the application process or after the period have good protection. The appearance of steel sheet piles has brought new contribution to our construction industry. The steel sheet pile construction method is the most critical and basic step we should consider. It must be the groundwork for the late construction. First we have to carry out inspection and correction of steel sheet pile to its surface defects, length, width and thickness, flatness and both ends of the shape to check if there is unqualified to be repaired, if there is more serious to give up, but can also be applied to other aspects, so as to avoid unnecessary waste.

In recent years, with the continuous development of urban construction, the density of urban pipe network construction is also increasing, but in the construction of pipe network construction, the construction of steel sheet pile foundation pit crack becomes particularly prominent. Below Wuxi Heng Yong construction experts came to talk about steel sheet pile construction pit crack control.

To pit excavation pit excavation unloading caused by the maintenance of the structure in the wall inside and outside pressure due to horizontal displacement, lateral deformation caused by soil retaining structure, soil type and cause foundation pit structures settlement and excavation, unloading will cause the bottom soil to uplift. So that the pit surrounding stratum movement is mainly due to deformation of retaining structure and heave caused by. According to the influence of trench trench excavation construction around the most direct reason is the stratum movement of retaining wall horizontal displacement, when the shallow trench excavation has not been set for the rigid support, regardless of strong body or flexible wall were the top of the wall displacement to the groove direction of horizontal displacement of triangular distribution, the crack does not occur in the pit outside. With the increasing depth of trench excavation, rigid wall continues to show to the groove within the triangle or parallel horizontal displacement of a rigid body moving, including steel sheet pile, flexible wall is the top of the wall displacement gradually move to the outside of the trench wall,What are the requirements for the construction of steel sheet piles for steel sheet pile cofferdam abdomen prominent to the groove, the cause of this phenomenon was mainly due to steel pile. Non elastic horizontal displacement in passive area soil cracks.


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