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How to deal with problems in the construction process sheet piling encountered

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       In steel sheet pile construction, we will more or less have some problems. Today smooth steel industry will come and share with you, five kinds of problems piling encountered and effective treatment methods. Construction friends want to have some help.
sheet piling construction
1, steel sheet pile twist
Generally before sheet pile hinged locking connection is occurring
Workaround: in the gap between the steel sheet pile cofferdam and used pallets to the front locking sheet pile piling lock the direction. Set a fixed birch wheel support, to stop the rotation of the sheet pile sinking, the two sides of a sheet pile locking buckle take place filled with real horns.
2, piling process sometimes encounter a large stone or other unknown obstacles, resulting steel sheet pile driving depth is not enough.
The solution: the use of curved corner pile or piles around obstacles.
3, steel sheet pile co-joined (sheet piles and piles have to enter the neighborhood together sink), causes the bending steel sheet pile, so that the keys resistance increases.
Workaround: sheet pile occur promptly corrected tilt, there were even the pile with the other already lay a pile or using several pieces of angle iron welded temporarily fixed
4, when the construction will occur adjacent pile into the phenomenon on the basis of the softer
Solution: the number of adjacent piles are welded together, and in the application of coating on playing locking connection when the pile to reduce drag and butter economic lubrication.
5, the horizontal elongation (increase in length along the piling direction of travel), mainly due to fsp iii Z sheetpile locking buckle take place there 1cm gap
Solution: This behavior is normal but to consider the level of elongation values ​​may be correct when the axis correction design
Shunli steel industry, the global pioneer of cold-formed steel sheet pile, pile combinations leader, in the vast ocean of the steel sheet pile industry is committed to achieve the ultimate!


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