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How to deal with steel sheet piles in foundation pit supporting accident

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Shun Li steel industry experts pointed out: including construction of steel sheet piles in foundation pit soil, steel sheet piles, support (anchor) added etc.. To support the construction of (anchor) and borrowed from the construction plan, develop a detailed project of foundation pit, according to the actual situation to the members of the organization to consider in relation to the construction of steel sheet piles machine, the whole structure is simple slightly.
steel sheet piles punching, including the selection of stamping and stamping tools. Who have poured into the current drilling equipment is very durable, low failure, convenient use, adaptability and other functions are more common, the main scope of hammer, but in the land and management needs a higher degree of difficulty, noise, often can not be used, I planted the company purchased from Japan Technology Development Corporation, the factory from the static pressure pile construction is riding on a pile driver pile irrigation steel structure, steel construction must be under driving pile, which is being pressed in place a stainless steel pressure plate pile root dynamic mechanism of irrigation.
So the focus is on, the steel sheet piles in the foundation pit supporting accident treatment method is what? The answer is the partition method of partition method is mainly to establish a partition wall between the original pit and surrounding buildings were excavated, the partition walls bear due to lateral pressure caused by soil excavation, when necessary, can play the role of waterproof curtain. The partition wall generally use the root pile, deep mixing pile and pressure grouting was built form protective effect on surrounding buildings, to prevent the steel sheet piles collapsed houses.
Shun Li global steel, cold-formed steel sheet piles Portland composite pipe pile leading enterprises, in the vast ocean is committed to the iron and steel industry to achieve the ultimate steel sheet piles!
Whether you're in Italy, France Montoir Paramo port, Baltimore port, or Guerra Stone in Australia, or in the high-speed rail, highways, ports, airports, canals and other places along the strength of steel sheet piles is everywhere around the world more than and 60 countries and regions! "steel sheet piles, the force made" has become the consensus of experts in the field of ocean engineering construction in five continents!


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