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How to deal with the tilt problem caused by rupture of Larsen steel sheet pile foundation

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Recently, a construction area in Wuhan, construction workers to find us that they piled a good place near the Larsen steel sheet tilted, uplift of the "hill package" kind of loose soil. After our project went to the scene, we found that when The excavator was finished in the excavation of the excavator, the surface of the Larsen steel sheet pile before the piling was cracked, and the engineers at the Panchang steel sheet pile understanding the construction process and the field analysis.

Tilt caused by rupture of Larsen steel sheet pile foundation

The analysis of our engineers may be caused by the excavator in the vicinity of the Larsen steel sheet pile near the foundation of the project caused by rolling, as well as the foundation of the soil is relatively soft, because there is no dealing before, may Also cause Larsen steel sheet pile Foundation subsidence and cracking. The emergence of this situation, in addition to Larsen steel sheet pile piling project did not do, the construction unit for the construction area protection did not do in place. Then the emerging of Larsen steel Sheet pile foundation caused by the tilt of the problem how to deal with it?

Pan Lu steel sheet pile engineers made it clear that some of the heavy vehicles, excavators and so on on the construction of the Larsen sheet pile can not have operated next to the foundation pit.

In addition, the Lasken steel sheet pile construction should also be surveyed before the foundation of soft and hard, according to the hardness of Larsen steel sheet pile to determine the depth of subsidence, the base of the larger water pressure, in order to better waterproof , The substrate can be compacted grouting, the bottom of the stability; and if the Larsen steel sheet support at the corner of the connection is not tight enough, it is prone to flow sand phenomenon, it is necessary to compaction grouting, the general number Of about 4 can be fixed


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