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How to improve the overall shear stability of the wall without changing the steel sheet pile structure

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Steel sheet pile is widely used in subway stations, tunnels, bridges, cofferdam revetment, municipal engineering, civil engineering, deep foundation trench, pipeline, basement retaining, water retaining excavation enclosure, play an important role in the project. So, how to change the structure of the steel sheet pile itself, the premise of water pressure, wharf surface load and so on? Wuxi Heng Yong construction experts tell you, want to improve the overall shear stability of the wall, summed up there are the following points.

First, materials in the warehouse are replaced. The stone part of anti shear ability stronger or replace all need to stop construction, require the removal of a large area grid roof structure and a fixed part of the original lattice backfill sand inside the warehouse, in order to improve the lattice wall shear resistance. During construction period, the stability of the silo body will be reduced and the hidden danger will be reduced.

Two 、 material improvement and reinforcement in box. That is to say, the existing backfill sand in the box is directly improved (such as cement rotary jet pile, cement mixing pile, etc.) so as to improve the shear resistance of the grid wall itself.

Three, after the wall part of the filling replacement. The stone shear capacity of more replacement cell rear to stop production construction, to dismantle the rear Bay Coal corridor and other original design of wharf surface backfill within a certain range, in order to reduce the wall active soil pressure. Shi.

Four, after the compartment, part of the packing improved and strengthened. The lattice positions within a certain range of backfill sand into piles scheme without production, construction equipment, operation site is small; mixing pile for improving treatment (such as cement grouting pile and cement mixing pile), to reduce the wall after the main program needs the construction equipment, a high work site to remove the earth pressure is relatively large; segmentation. In addition to the coal corridor, the production needs to be cut off in stages.

Five. Add the pressure reducing structure after the compartment. That is, the shear walls (such as cement mixing walls, cast-in-place piles, ground walls, etc.) are installed in the rear of the lattice box to reduce the direct effect of the active earth pressure behind the wall on the wall of the lattice bin.

Six, reduce the wharf surface original design load standard, namely limit use. The construction needs to be partly removed; the upper structure of the top of the grid and the fixed facilities; the cement mixing pile scheme needs large construction machinery, the rack is high, and the operation site is larger. Large construction machinery is needed, the rack is high, the operation site is large, and the construction needs to be cut off in sections. There is no concrete structure reinforcement or reconstruction measures to limit wharf load, in extreme cases there is a structural stability, How reasonable the use of steel sheet pile is more secure security risks.


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