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How to install combi walls?


Combi walls play an important role in the field of architecture. This article mainly introduces how to install combi walls.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

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  • How to install combi walls?

  • What are the notes for combi walls installation?


1. How to install combi walls?

(1) Before installing combi walls, the construction personnel shall first determine the position of important parts such as wall, ground, roof, beam and column according to the design drawings, and then clean the surface, in which the center line of the guide wall shall be consistent with the center line of the block wall.

(2) Combi walls shall be arranged in staggered joints.

(3) When the construction personnel install the combi walls, they respectively pop out the double lines of the plate thickness up and down, and then prepare the combi walls with the same specifications.

(4) Workers can cut out the specifications of combi walls according to the wall specifications.

(5) After the workers cut, the two boards in the tenon on a piece of cement, and then the polymer mortar on the tenon.

(6) The workers shall move the combi walls wall board to the installation position and use iron sled to correct the wall board, so that the polymer mortar can be extruded from the joint and then temporarily fixed with wooden wedge.

(7) After the completion of the installation, construction personnel available to 2 meters by foot to examine the vertical and flat correction, reoccupy Φ 6 mm or Φ 8 mm ribbed reinforced plastic fixed construction.

(8) In order to ensure the firmness of combi walls, the construction personnel also need to fill and scrape the wall board after correction with polymer mortar. After the combi walls are shaped, all the joints are pasted tightly with fiberglass cloth.


2. What are the notes for combi walls installation?

(1) Draw a line in the installation part of combi walls, so that the line is perpendicular to the beam phase. At the same time, we also need to ensure the material of combi walls to maintain the smoothness.

(2) Next, use the cutting machine to cut combi walls. As for its specific width and length, we need specific requirements.

(3) The next and cement, and at the same time to add some sand, cement and the cement mix into a paste with stir bar, don't tell the specific shape of cement and sand, then use water in combi walls first brush on the walls again, make its surface wet, then brush with mortar mixture gently on one floor.

(4) The combi walls are ready to be installed on the position, and then stand up, this time needs to align with the position of the beam line, and then use a spade to composite wall plate, from the bottom to it up, so that the two boards between closely, leaving no gap. At the same time need to use hammer to hit the wall board and wall board between hard close, want to use in front of the mixing of cement, the joint of the two boards not on the cement, at the same time want to ensure that do not leave any gaps, and then with a wooden wedge on the nail to temporarily fix it, so that the work is basically completed.

(5) Finally, check whether the combi walls are installed vertically. After the inspection of the combi walls, it is necessary to use steel reinforcement to drive into the wall board and its connection parts.The aim is to hold two combi walls so that they do not shake.Then a percussion drill is used to make a hole in each of the four corners of the composite wallboard, and then steel is inserted to reinforce combi walls.

Hope this article is helpful for you to understand how to install combi wall. If you need combi walls, please contact us.


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