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How to maintain SSAW pipe piles?


SSAW pipe pile driver is operated by electrical hydraulic system, with two types of walking and crawling. When working, the long spiral drilling rig is used to drill to the design depth, and then the concrete is pressed and filled into SSAW pipe piles by concrete pump when lifting the drill. The drilling and piling are completed simultaneously in one machine. The drilling diameter is 400-800mm and the maximum drilling depth is 31 m.


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Understand the maintenance system of SSAW pipe piles

How to maintain SSAW pipe piles?

What should be paid attention to when maintaining SSAW pipe piles in daily work?


Understand the maintenance system of SSAW pipe piles

Maintaining SSAW pipe piles can be equipped with long spiral drilling machine, vibrating hammer, diesel hammer and other operating devices to complete the construction of SSAW pipe pile, CFG piles, immersed pipe piles, piles and underground diaphragm walls.


The maintenance system of SSAW pipe piles is safe, reliable, inexpensive, high quality and efficient, widely used in urban construction, residential buildings, energy, municipalities, transportation, water conservancy construction of SSAW pipe piles, squeeze expansion piles, soft foundation treatment and urban high-rise foundation treatment. It has the features of no restriction of groundwater level, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, strong overload capacity and high degree of mechanization and automation.

SSAW pipe pile

How to maintain SSAW pipe piles?

SSAW pipe piles maintenance should be recorded. Before working on new SSAW pipe piles, each mechanism, running parts, hydraulic system should be refueled or greased according to the "hydraulic oil lubricating oil use schedule". The brass bushings at both ends of the main winch reel should be greased every shift. The bracket chain wheel, guide wheel and drive wheel should be greased at least once a week, and the tracks should be idled off the ground when refilling.

The guide wheel of SSAW pipe piles should be greased when the guide wheel is rotating, and the grease benefit should be observed. If there is no grease benefit, and the oiling pressure is high or cannot be added, the track and guide wheel should be dismantled to clear the oil channel. The exposed gears of main winch, power head tile of column guide and inclined support screw should be checked daily for lubrication and filled with lubricating grease in time.


The SSAW pipe piles hydraulic system should be checked daily and the hydraulic oil should be replenished in time when deficiencies are found. Inclined support ball head seat should be lubricated with oil, daily inspection and timely replenishment.Wire and cable joints, oil pipe joints, easy to collide and friction, should be added to the set or protected with a protective SSAW pipe piles.


What should be paid attention to when maintaining SSAW pipe piles in daily work?

When working daily should carefully check whether the power head, or vibration hammer flange bolts, running mechanism bolts and nuts are loose.When working daily should pay attention to the inclined support filament under the ball seat there is no up and down crosstalk phenomenon, if crosstalk should immediately stop working, remove the end cover under the outstretched beam, so that the inclined support under pressure, fasten the lower end of the nut and lock, if necessary, weld the screw with electric welding.


If necessary, weld the nut with electric welding. When the temperature drops below zero in winter, check whether there is water in the projecting beam, and remove the water in time to prevent the nut from loosening due to freezing.When the inclined support rotates of SSAW pipe piles, should pay attention to observe whether there is swinging phenomenon, if there is swinging, replace the guiding copper sleeve or copper nut in the inclined support in time.


Observe the main SSAW pipe piles of the structural parts for open weld cracks and other phenomena every day when working, and deal with the problems in time. If the problem is more serious should notify the manufacturer to assist in solving.When maintenance requires welding, the ground wire must be reliably connected to the welding part.Steel wire rope should be checked and maintained according to the relevant standards.Matching mechanism according to the matching manual requirements for use and maintenance.


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