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How to maintain the clutch

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The sleeve of the friction clutch of the cold rolling mill is installed on the top of the motor shaft, the sprocket is installed on the gear sleeve in a certain direction, the friction plates are installed on both sides, and the positioning ring is installed in an inner hole. So, how should the clutch be maintained and maintained during use?



Essentials of clutch operation.

Abnormal problems can occur during maintenance and maintenance of the clutch.

How to maintain the clutch?


Essentials of clutch operation.

Three essentials of clutch operation:

One fast, two slow, three linkage. When lifting the clutch pedal, follow the operating principle of "one fast, two slow, and three linkage". When you start, you should act neatly when you step on the clutch pedal, one foot to the bottom, so that the clutch is completely separated.


The so-called "one fast, two slow, three linkage" means that the process of lifting the clutch pedal is divided into three stages. At the beginning, it is lifted quickly. When the clutch pressure plate is gradually combined to the semi-linked motion, the speed of the pedal lifting begins to slow down. In the process from semi-linkage to full coupling, the clutch pedal is slowly raised.


When the combiner pedal is raised, the accelerator pedal should be stepped down gradually according to the power of the engine, so that the car can start smoothly. The operation of the throttle should be smooth and proper, and the throttle can be increased only when the clutch is fully engaged.


Abnormal problems can occur during maintenance and maintenance of the clutch.

1. Pay attention to whether the clutch is slipping. There are several reasons for this phenomenon. The main reason is that the free stroke of the clutch pedal is too small, the release bearing is often pressed on the diaphragm spring, and the pressure plate is always in a semi-detached state. Or the clutch pressure plate spring is too soft or broken, the screw connecting the clutch and the flywheel is loose, etc.

2. When the engine is idling, the clutch can be cut off when the clutch pedal is almost bottomed. Depress the clutch pedal, feel difficulty in gear shifting, or make a harsh impact sound of the transmission gear, or do not lift the clutch pedal after shifting, and the vehicle starts to drive, which indicates that the clutch of the vehicle is not completely separated.

3. When the clutch pedal is depressed to 3/4, the clutch should be firmly engaged. Otherwise, check whether the stroke is appropriate. Use a ruler to measure at the pedal, first measure the height of the highest position of the pedal, and then measure the pedal The height of resistance, the difference between the two values is the value of the clutch stroke of the car.

4. It is also abnormal if abnormal noise occurs during the use of the clutch. The cause of the failure is serious wear of the release bearing, too soft or broken bearing return spring, and malfunction of the diaphragm spring bracket.


How to maintain the clutch?

The clutch master cylinder and the clutch pipe joints are made by quick pipe joints, and there is no need to disassemble and assemble the clutch pipes by instruments, so the operation space is small and the operation is easy. The pipeline of the clutch is not used for a long time or is easy to fall off under the action of external force to ensure the reliability of the connection. The described sealing ring can improve the sealing performance of the pipeline and prevent oil leakage.


Applying the principle of electromagnetic induction and the friction between the inner and outer friction plates to make the two rotating parts in the mechanical transmission system, when the active part does not stop rotating, the driven part can be combined with or separated from the electromagnetic mechanical connector, It is an automatically executed electrical appliance.

1. The clutch must be cleaned before installation to remove anti-rust grease and debris.

2. The clutch can be installed coaxially or on separate shafts. The axial direction must be fixed. The driving part and the driven part are not allowed to have axial movement. When the shaft is installed, the driving part and the driven part are coaxial. The degree should not be greater than 0.1mm.

3. When the wet electromagnetic clutch is working, lubricating oil must be added between the friction plates. The lubrication method is divided into oil lubrication; oil bath lubrication, the part immersed in the oil is about 5 times the volume of the clutch; the shaft is lubricated with oil, The shaft oil supply method should be used for high-speed and high-frequency action.

4. When installing the jaw type electromagnetic clutch, it is necessary to ensure that there is a certain gap between the face teeth, so that there is no tooth grinding phenomenon when idling, but it should not be greater than the δ value.

5. The electromagnetic clutch and brake are B-class insulation, and the normal temperature rise is 40℃. The working temperature during the limit thermal equilibrium is not allowed to exceed 100°C, otherwise the coil and friction parts are prone to damage.

6. Power supply and control circuit, clutch power supply is DC 24. It is obtained from three-phase or single-phase AC voltage through step-down and full-wave rectification, and the power required for unregulated and flat-wave is large enough. Half-wave rectified power supply is not allowed.




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