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How to save the different inclination of steel sheet pile driving

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Steel sheet pile cofferdam has been widely used in recent years, especially in bridge construction project, the effect is particularly significant. The construction not only to bring a lot of convenience, but also greatly shorten the construction period, but the steel plate in the pile driving process, it is prone to tilt, tilt the whole event of steel sheet pile construction is not for the purpose of preventing leakage. When piling process is inclined, we should take relevant measures to remedy it according to actual inclination degree:

1、slight inclination can be pulled down by the rope of the winch, then the hammer can be struck again, and the direction of hammering can be changed to achieve the purpose of correction;

2、severe tilt is not easy to correct, use special wedge shaped sheet pile, How to test whether the Larsen steel sheet pile is qualified achieve the error correcting purpose.


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