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How to solve the common problems in the construction of steel sheet piles

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Frequently Asked Questions One: Obstacles

Solution: piling the process sometimes encounter large stones or other unknown obstacles, resulting in steel sheet pile into the depth is not enough, the use of corner pile or curved pile around the obstacles.

Frequently Asked Questions 2: Skew

Solution: steel sheet pile miscellaneous fill in the process of squeezing by the stone and other lateral squeeze force different size prone to skew, to take corrective measures is in the occurrence of skewed position will pull up the sheet pile 1.0m ~ 2.0m, and then down the hammer, so up and down the complex vibration several times, can make a large stone is shattered or to the displacement, so that the location of steel sheet pile to be corrected to reduce the tilt of steel sheet pile.

Frequently Asked Questions 3: Shaped Piles Corrected

Solution: steel plate pile along the axis of the tilt is large, the use of special-shaped pile to correct, shaped piles are generally wide and narrow width and width greater than or less than the standard width of the pile, shaped pile can be based on the actual tilt welding; When the size is small, you can also use the hoist or hoist and cable to pull the pile back and then hammer.

Frequently Asked Questions 4: bring into the phenomenon

Solution: the base is more soft, sometimes the construction of the adjacent pile will be brought into the phenomenon, the measures used is to weld the number of adjacent pile together, and in the application of the pile when the connection of the mouth coated with butter and other lubrication To reduce resistance.


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