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How to solve the problems in the construction process of steel sheet pile drawing

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Steel sheet pile has high strength, lightweight, waterproof performance, strong durability and other unique features and advantages, so it has extensive applications, such as in the permanent structure, can be used for wharf, unloading field, Levee Revetment, retaining wall, retaining wall, breakwater, embankment, ship, dock gate and so on; in temporary structures, can be used for closing, temporary expansion, shore flow, bridge cofferdam, large pipeline laying temporary ditch excavation retaining, water retaining and sand retaining wall; in the flood, and can be used for the prevention of floods and landslides, anti collapse, anti sand etc.. So how to solve the problems encountered in the construction process of steel sheet pile pull out? Wuxi Hengyong expert group pointed out that the construction of steel sheet pile, riverbed due to complex geological structure, sheet pile drawing often encountered in the construction of a problem, such as obstacle, deviation, correction and other special-shaped pile into some special cases, let us say we should face these problems how to solve.

The obstacle of steel sheet pile drawing construction. In the process of piling, large stone blocks or other unknown obstacles are sometimes encountered, which leads to insufficient penetration depth of steel sheet piles, and corner piles or arc piles are used to bypass obstacles.

The bringing in phenomenon of steel sheet pile pulling construction. Based on the soft, sometimes the construction was adopted into the adjacent pile phenomenon, measures is the number of adjacent piles are welded together, and in the application of play pile connected locking coated with butter lubricant to reduce resistance.

Correction of special-shaped piles in steel sheet pile pulling construction. Steel sheet pile along the axis inclination is large, using special pile to correct, special-shaped pile is usually narrow width and width greater than or less than the standard width of the sheet shaped pile according to the actual inclination of welding; inclination is small can also be used to hoist and hoist or cable will reverse pull pile hammer again.

Deflection of steel sheet pile in pulling construction. Steel sheet pile and fill ground segment into the process by the lateral extrusion force of different rocks are prone to deviation, corrective measures are taken in the deflection position of the steel sheet pile up and pull down 1.0m~2.0m, hammer, so the up and down reciprocating vibration extracting several times, can make the big stone shattered or make it happen let the steel sheet pile displacement,Skill Analysis of Steel Sheet Pile for Steel Sheet Pile Support position is corrected, reduce the inclination of the steel sheet pile.

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