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How to test Larson steel sheet pile before construction

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Larson steel sheet pile has good water resistance, so it is much better than ordinary steel sheet pile in cofferdam water stop project. Fill seam filling to cotton and butter with in the actual construction, the sealing performance is a tiger with wings added. It is not easy to be corroded by water, and will not reduce the water sealing performance because of more construction times. It can be reused 58 times, and the service life is more than 50 years.

In order to meet the construction requirements and reduce the difficulties encountered in piling during the construction, Larson steel sheet pile construction is generally tested for all steel sheet piles used in construction before construction, and the steel sheet piles which do not meet the requirements need to be corrected. The surface defects, length, width, thickness, end to rectangle ratio, flatness and the shape of the lock hole are mainly examined. Especially the three point:

1、the cut hole and section defect should be reinforced;

2、to enter the steel sheet pile impact welding pieces shall be cut off;

3、If the steel sheet pile is seriously corroded, the actual cross section thickness should be measured to determine whether the reduction is needed in the calculation.

What are the benefits of Larsen steel sheet pile leasing Qualified Larson steel sheet pile can reduce the chance of construction in the process of trouble, but also can speed up the progress of construction, construction qualified rate will also increase.


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