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How to test, hoist and stack steel sheet pile

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Inspection of steel sheet pile

The steel sheet pile generally has the material inspection and the appearance inspection, in order to correct the steel sheet pile which is not required, so as to reduce the difficulty in piling process.

(1) appearance inspection: including surface defects, length, width, thickness, end to rectangle ratio, flatness and the shape of the lock mouth, etc.. Need attention:

A, have influence on the welding pieces into the steel sheet pile should be cut off;

B, cut hole and section defect should be reinforced;

The actual section thickness should be measured if C and steel plate piles are seriously corroded. In principle, the quality inspection of all steel sheet piles should be carried out.

(2) material test: the chemical composition and mechanical properties of steel sheet pile base material are comprehensively tested. Including the chemical composition analysis of steel, tensile and bending test of components, locking strength test and elongation test. At least one tensile and bending test is carried out for each specification of steel sheet pile: two steel specimens per 20-50t weight should be tested.

Two, steel sheet pile lifting

Loading and unloading steel sheet pile should be operated by two points hoisting method. When lifting, the number of steel plate piles should not be too much, and attention should be paid to the protection of the lock hole to avoid damage. The lifting modes are bundled and single lifting. Bundled hoisting is usually carried out by wire rope, and single sling is usually used as a sling.

Three 、 piling of steel sheet pile

The piling place of steel sheet pile should be chosen on the flat and firm site which is not to be pressed, but will have large subsidence and deformation, and it is easy to be transported to the pile driving construction site. Pile up should pay attention to:

(1) the order, position, direction and layout of the stacking shall be taken into account in the future construction;

(2) the steel sheet pile is piled up according to the type, specification and length, and the label is set up at the stacking place;

(3) the steel sheet pile should be layered and piled up, the number of piles in each layer is generally not more than 5, and the sleepers should be laid on each layer. The spacing between the pads should be 3~4m, How to use 15 meter gauge U steel sheet pile support for ditch piling and the upper and lower pads should be on the same vertical line, and the total height of the pile should not exceed 2m.


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