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How to test the compressive capacity of SSAW steel pipe?

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SSAW steel pipe is its advancing direction and the forming angle of the center line of the formed tube. The side forming edge is welded and welded into a spiral shape. The advantage is that the same specification can produce multiple diameters of steel pipes, and the raw materials are suitable. The range is wider, and the welding seam can better avoid the principal stress. 

SSAW steel pipe

The disadvantage is that the geometric shape of the welding seam length is worse than that of the long straight seam pipe, and it is prone to cracking, porosity, slag inclusion, and welding local welding defects. The welding stress is tensile stress. Status. Spiral submerged arc in general oil and gas pipeline design specifications can only be used in the third and fourth level areas.The large-diameter saw blade steel pipe factory needs to test the product after the production is completed, especially its compressive resistance, because we generally use it underground when we use it, so it requires good pressure resistance, so how to test one time.

First, use an end sealing device to seal both ends of the SSAW steel pipe under test, and inject low-pressure water. During the water injection process, the air in the pipeline is discharged through the exhaust valve. After the low-pressure water is filled, the high-pressure water is injected into the pipe through the pressurizing device to pressurize the gas. Reach the required test pressure. After reaching the specified test pressure, the pressure is maintained for a predetermined time. If there is no leakage or deformation, release the pressure. Products that have undergone stress resistance testing can be used to ensure the effectiveness of the spiral tube. Of course, corresponding anti-corrosion measures need to be taken according to its use environment to ensure its use effect and service life.

On the contrary, the raw material improves the process of foreign steel plate forming and welding separately, pre-welding and lean, and the cold flaring after welding is close to the welding quality of UOE pipes. There is no such process improvement direction. "West East" is still produced by traditional technology, but the pipe ends are expanded. The United States, Japan, and Germany are generally negative on SSAW and believe that SSAW is not suitable for the main line; Canada and Italy, some SSAW Russia have a small amount of SSAW, and have formulated very strict supplementary conditions. Due to historical reasons, most domestic backbones still use SSAW.

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