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How to test whether the Larsen steel sheet pile is qualified

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For the Larsen steel sheet pile, the Larsen steel sheet pile before the construction inspection is generally divided into visual inspection and material inspection. It is possible to reduce the severity of the construction process by removing the steel sheet piles that can be severely unqualified and by correcting the slight flaws.

The first is the appearance of the inspection, including length, width, thickness, surface defects, the end of the rectangular ratio, flatness and the shape of the lock and so on several aspects. There are three points need special attention: First, for the possible impact of steel sheet pile into the welding parts to be cut off; the second is for the cross-section defects and cutting holes to be reinforced treatment; Third, the steel sheet pile in the case of serious corrosion, To measure the actual thickness of its section. In principle, the appearance of all steel sheet piles to be used should be checked before construction.


And then is the material test, here refers to the steel sheet of the chemical composition of the material and mechanical properties of a comprehensive test. Including the analysis of the chemical composition of the steel used, the stretching of the components, the bending test, the strength test of the lock and the elongation test. In the case of inspection, each of the specifications of the steel sheet pile to carry out at least one of the tensile, bending test; every twenty to fifty tons of steel sheet pile to do two test pieces.


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