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How to use 15 meter gauge U steel sheet pile support for ditch piling

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Produce steel sheet pile the construction industry is a new and environmentally friendly materials in engineering construction has been widely put into use, so how should we make of this building to maximize the advantage, it is necessary to master the essentials of the construction of our special building materials during construction, also called key issues pull the Larson steel sheet pile. We usually dug foundation with steel sheet pile stability and supporting the direct selection of blind play such as the probability of an accident in the construction method in the construction process is very high, such as retaining walls at any time may not withstand the pressures and collapse, so we choose the construction scheme of steel sheet pile, or to understand clear foundation steel sheet pile construction method.

Wuxi Hengyong construction experts today with all of 15M cold-formed steel sheet pile retaining wall using the method of pulling in the play, which need to be careful where pressure is generated by mechanical or hydraulic hoist system for static pile pressing machine, the pile in the hydrostatic pressure under the action of pressure in the soil, various types of precast pile used in general bearing capacity.

Steel sheet piles should be secured to the cracks at the locking joint at the beginning of the construction. No grease or grease should be placed where the hard object comes in. What about aging and maintain at high level of rust formation, cold-formed steel sheet pile, should repair correction, using hydraulic jack or roast soft measures held drawing correction on the way, in the pre administration of Larson steel sheet pile locking in butter, and in the end series of two cable wind rope pile.

89 rooms, the ground floor is closer to the underground garage, the construction of the garage enclosure, from the 450MPa through the fighting strength, material strength requirements. The verticality of the Larsen steel sheet pile is controlled in two directions by two theodolites, and the 82 to 87 Larsen steel piles are connected to the static mold to form the shape and then to be layered. The test show that the performance of sealant, sealant in use before the first to lock the internal thoroughly cleaned, locked inside the Lippi and other harmful substances are removed, What is the soil structure of the Larsen steel sheet pile project exposed steel surface, making the sealant completely adhesion, to get the best sealing effect.


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