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How to use 24 meter gauge steel sheet pile to reinforce the slope construction technology

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As one of the world's largest developing country, and one of the fastest developing countries for infrastructure construction demand is very large, and once to infrastructure requires a large amount of basic materials including steel sheet pile consumption accounts for a large part of steel in the middle, why such a large demand for steel sheet pile in building foundation? Because as long as it is used when the steel sheet pile construction because construction is generally more dangerous place or need to use some material isolation barrier when, which is why he will cause in the building construction field why so popular and necessary.

Today we study the construction of 24 meter standard steel sheet pile in the course of operation, with the need to take care of the location, due to the production of convenient, and composite pile supporting the use of time, can be pre ordered in the factory. The steel sheet pile must be blocked at the point at the tip of the pile before pulling out to prevent the soil from entering the junction. It needs to be coated with grease and various kinds of grease. To the use of time is too long, the place of articulation leaf, U type steel sheet pile corrosion serious, should repair correction, can use a hydraulic jack or direct fire drying measures improved construction when the hammer Larson steel sheet pile by the lift in place using hydraulic vibration hammer hydraulic crawler excavator implementation, application must familiar with the underground pipelines, buildings before hitting the situation seriously, put the right supporting pile line.

Ensure that the verticality of AS steel sheet pile is controlled by two theodolites in two directions, and the 42 to 68 cold rolled steel sheet piles are pressed into the mold, and the display screen is in wind shape and then pulled out in batches. Steel sheet pile type U, Z type, AS type, U type is more commonly used, because behind the two either from the production or construction is complex, How to Identify the Quality of Larsen Steel Sheet Piles the price is higher than the U type steel sheet pile 1/3, only in the United States and Europe is more common.


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