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JZ and EZ series sheet pile JZ112,JZ120,JZ127,EZ95 series

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The JZ series sheet pile includes JZ112 JZ120 JZ127 produced by Samuel Roll Form Group. This section stipulates the minimum safety requirements of Seattle port construction engineering, and the safety factor FSOT should be determined. By adding the resistance torque around the toe of the wall and summing the sum of the driving torque around the toe around the wall. Objective to prevent employees and visitors from falling or falling into open double sided floor, roof or wall openings or other open running / working surfaces. The JZ 112 corner of.JZ 120 precast module is usually considered to be the toe of JZ 127 wall. This indicates that the impact of the initial landslides on the MBU wall leads to its failure.

Cold-formed steel sheet piling for sale have the benefit of being an efficient and environmentally friendly foundation solution for construction projects. This is because of its high tensile strength, strong water resistance and high efficiency as a foundation solution. At the same time, its impeccable durability allows it to be reused or further leased out for other construction purposes. The OZ and OT series sheet piles are OSP’s blank canvas: by optimising all parts of the basic design in the sheet pile, our team is uniquely able to apply adjustments and improvements atop the already robust design of the OZ series to meet your exact requirements.

The commonly used sizes of EZ series specification sheet piles are EZ80 EZ88 and EZ95 profiles. The eccentricity of the resultant force position at the bottom of the wall should be determined and compared with the maximum allowable eccentricity. The ground pressure on the retaining wall usually ignores the so-called "global stability", which belongs to the geotechnical load related to the overall stability of the slope. For EZ 88 and EZ 95 sliding rotational stability of EZ 80 shall be satisfied in the actual loading conditions and loading conditions for 1.5 levels including without limitation to 1 vertical slope of each layer of the bottom layer, additional sliding and overturning stability should meet the toes in front wall.

SectionDimensionsSectional AreaMassMoment of inertiaModulus of section



In mmIn mmIn mmIn2 cm2Lbs/ft kg/mLbs/ft2 kg/m2In4/ft cm4/mIn3/ft cm3/m

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