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Japan and South Korea attempt to occupy China Larsen steel sheet pile market

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Recently, the industry experts statistics, Japan and South Korea sold to China's Larsen steel sheet pile price was lower than the Chinese-made billet, really enough people to "confused"!

Recently, a high-level H-shaped steel production enterprises revealed that some domestic enterprises have begun to collect evidence, hoping to the Ministry of Commerce on China's imports of Japan and South Korea and other countries Larsen steel sheet pile products launched anti-dumping investigation.

At present, Japan's exports to China's hot-rolled steel sheet pile products priced at about 6,000 yuan / ton, except for tariffs and freight equivalent to only 4200 yuan / ton, and Tangshan billet ex-factory price already in 4200 yuan / ton, May be lower than the cost of dumping to the Chinese market. On the one hand can occupy China is not a big market, on the other hand also ease the pressure on the Japanese local market supply, to ensure that the Japanese market sales price can be profitable.

Not only Larsen steel sheet pile, a lot of foreign steel mills will take down the price of sales to occupy the market share of the way to hinder the success of Chinese steel mills in the field of high-end product research. This situation also appears in the orientation of electrical steel products, oriented electrical steel and Larsen steel sheet pile, are rolling demanding, difficult to break through the high-end steel products.

Years ago, the technology leader in Japan and South Korea and Europe and the United States and other enterprises, even at low prices through the sale of such high-end products to China to occupy the market, so as to curb the domestic steel mills will be high-end product development opportunities for commercial development, which is steel Production has been ranked first in the world, but many high-end products can not be achieved domestic steel mills face a great embarrassment.

In fact, many years ago in the domestic Larsen steel sheet production is also a high-end hard-rolled products of the orientation of electrical steel technology is not mature enough time, Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States and other steel companies have also been low-cost way to the Chinese market to sell the market, This gave the production of small quantities of small and technically immature domestic steel no small pressure, so once the Ministry of Commerce proposed anti-dumping investigation requirements.

China Larsen steel sheet market by the impact of Japan and South Korea "wavering", we need to use the international sales rules to safeguard our own interests.

National Larsen Steel Sheet Pile Form

At present, the domestic Larsen steel sheet industry market situation is not optimistic, Larsen steel sheet pile of state-owned steel piles enterprises to buy private steel enterprises rarely, only when the Larsen steel sheet pile business situation is better, but this situation Do not have meaning.

Larsen steel sheet industry for the Larsen steel sheet pile steel industry mergers and acquisitions and elimination of backward out of a lot of "prescription": a state after the acquisition of money out of the said; there is a mandatory elimination of administrative force, such as drawing on the textile industry smashing; There is a market force out of the say, etc., and so on, but ultimately no results. The reason is that corporate interests, local interests and national interests of the contradictions, which is China's steel industry's ills. For the vast majority of iron and steel enterprises, in the city is the city's large taxpayer; in the county is the county's large taxpayer; in the township and village is also true. Business closes, means that the local financial tight, GDP decline. But they are willing to large enterprises to reorganize, hoping to find a backing, but also the development of the local economy.

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