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Japanese H sections


H Beam is developed and optimized from I beam, so H beam can produce economic profiled steel with better mechanical properties. Hot-rolled H-beam is the cross-section shape of H-beam. H-beam is highly appreciated for its rectangular arrangement of various components. It can be used in various applications. It has the characteristics of light weight and excellent structure. It has good flexibility and simple structure, thus saving cost. We can produce H-beams from top steel beam factories. We often stock more than 80,000 tons in China. The price is cheap and the quality is good sheet pile manufacturers.

The reason why Japanese steel beams are better is that the web and flange are in the lead hammer, but the inner flange is parallel to the outer flange. Japanese H-beam has very straight and clear edges. Steel beams can be used in many large buildings, such as factories, high-rise buildings, bridges, ships, lifting and transportation machinery, equipment foundations, brackets and foundation piles.

The characteristics of Japanese steel beams are as follows:

1) Hot rolled H-beam is 15-20% lighter than traditional steel when the load is the same. Compared with concrete structure, hot-rolled H-beam can reduce weight by 20-30%. 2) The cost is relatively low. Compared with I-shaped steel, it can sometimes save about 30% of the steel production cost. Japanese steel beams have high precision, expensive welding materials and welds are unnecessary residual stress is very small 3) The two surfaces of steel beams are parallel, which makes the connection, processing and installation easier. Rigidity, flexural strength, flange width Our H-beam mill in China allows us to produce beams of different shapes and sizes. We can always meet the needs of our customers, and we will continue to work on customer satisfaction through unremitting efforts, sincerity and trust.


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