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Lansen steel sheet pile cofferdam economic and environmental protection project preferred

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Cofferdam works in actual construction, may be based on the actual situation of the construction site, and the use of different ways cofferdam, may take concrete cofferdam, earth cofferdam, Larsen steel sheet pile cofferdam, etc., then the above cofferdam Way suitable for what kind of works?

Larsen steel sheet pile cofferdam

1, concrete cofferdam should adopt the gravity type, arch concrete cofferdam need cofferdam valley valley narrow and weir foundation and the two sides of the geological conditions are good;

2, earth and rock cofferdam should be able to make full use of local materials;

3, Larsen steel plate pile type cofferdam or steel sheet pile type cofferdam maximum water head should be less than 30m, low cost, easy construction;

Larsen steel sheet pile of water and strength than ordinary steel sheet pile is good, so the general excavation depth of more than 3m of the pit we recommend is to consider Larsen steel sheet pile, it is more suitable for deep pit support. In the water to be specific according to specific geological analysis.

Above even every kind of cofferdam way different requirements, but now is still widely used Larsen steel sheet pile coffers, construction can be reused many times, is more economical low carbon cofferdam.

Buy steel sheet pile is expensive, single construction even if the need for steel sheet pile, but no demand, there is no need to buy that. The steel sheet pile rental services to save a single demand, the cost of leasing steel sheet pile is not expensive, than to buy steel sheet pile to benefit a lot.

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