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Larsen steel cofferdam construction which need to pay attention to safety precautions

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Larsen steel cofferdam construction safety work must be put in the first place, because the use of Larsen steel sheet pile construction is for the safety of the project, so if the use of Larsen steel sheet pile cofferdam construction, but do not pay attention to safety matters, it is really a waste, then Here we come to introduce the Larsen steel sheet pile cofferdam construction safety precautions:

1、the Larsen steel sheet pile construction workers need to strengthen the safety of ideological education, construction workers must hold the relevant documents, without training, and no relevant documents can not participate in the work.

2、Larsen steel sheet pile vertical, because the steel sheet pile group is not exactly the same width, lock gap is not exactly the same, the pile is still possible to tilt, in the construction to strengthen the measurement work, found that tilt, timely adjustment Each group of steel sheet pile in the circumference of the cofferdam and its vertical direction of the tilt are not greater than 5%. In order to get better results, it is necessary to draw the position of the steel plate group with the actual width of the steel sheet pile group in the implementation site (cofferdam guide beam), reduce the width error and also the basis for adjusting the plane position of the steel sheet pile in actual operation.

3、Larsen steel sheet pile construction must ensure that the elevated cableway has sufficient capacity, and do the lifting capacity of the measured, in order to ensure that the elevated ropeway operation is safe. Piling machine main frame easy to attract the wind, need to use wave rope fixed, otherwise the pile frame rocking will lead to serious safety accidents.

4、the use and then connected to the long Larsen steel sheet pile, there are strict requirements, adjacent joints need to stagger 2m, can not be unified on the cross section. The next is the Larsen plate pile plug, for the vertical degree of a good one-time to achieve the required depth, vertical degree is not enough twice, each time to ask the depth of half the distance. In order to avoid piling, the pile tip is bent to use the mounting pile cap.

5、when the staff in the piling machine and the water guide ring, must be required to fasten the seat belt, and wear helmets.

6、Larsen steel cofferdam construction, the need to send a special technical staff to carry out routine inspection and maintenance work, the use of cableway when there must be professionals in the next command, to avoid people more than miscellaneous, and security risks.


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