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Larsen steel plate pile wall width per meter of moment of inertia

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Through the above steps can be selected to the appropriate steel sheet piles hammer. It should be noted that piling resistance is a function of pile section size and depth of penetration, and the selection of piling equipment is an iterative process. Pile selection through the table, in the playable formation, you can create a suitable piling pile selection criteria. When determining the section of the sheet pile, it is recommended that the piling stress peak should not exceed 75% of the steel yield stress.

Larsen steel plate pile wall width per meter of moment of inertia

   The minimum required cross-sectional area of the steel sheet piles is estimated before selecting the pile section and the steel grade.

   In order to further reduce the risk of damage to the pile head is the minimum estimated cross-sectional area of the selected pile pile section, the hammer anvil should be based on the actual coverage area, rather than selected cross-section, the average piling resistance can be divided by piling resistance cross- Estimates.

   Note that it is more appropriate to select high yield stress steel or HZ / AZ composite piles if Rapp> 800 kn, for piling resistance of such magnitude or encounter difficult soils such as strata. ) Steel Sheet Pile Leasing Co., Ltd. The technical department.

   Effect of Stiffness of steel sheet piles and Method of Driving Pile selection is not considered in the selection of piles and hammers. The pile length, stiffness and the depth of the first pile in the next pile is a major factor affecting the performance of piling. Under normal circumstances, the heavy section of the pile than the light section of the pile better to play, if the piles of the guide is not too strong, then the screen method of piling effect than by the root pile method. In this regard, when piling one by one, the pile type should be limited to the appropriate range, Larsen steel sheet pile No. 5 and No. 6 pile piling method how to distinguish between the need to limit the adjacent steel sheet pile in


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