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Larsen steel sheet pile 2 the longest number of meters

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Part of the embedded steel sheet pile between the use of wood wedge, piling will also be issued when the noise, in order to avoid this situation, can be used in steel sheet piles and guide frame sound-absorbing material. There is also a way to set up a noise screen between the noise source and the sensitive building, which can reduce the noise by 5 to 10 dB, such as wood, mound or trees.

Larsen steel sheet pile 2 the longest number of meters

   Noise level The noise level is a function of noise power, which is the pressure fluctuation of the surface (hammer or pile) of the equipment, expressed in North, and the distance from the sound source is denoted by R. The equivalent continuous A sound level of a single working day can be obtained by the following formula: Punch equipment power can be obtained from the manufacturer, the impact hammer hit the steel sheet pile or H-type pile when the noise range of 120 ~ 135dB. Hood hammer including noise reduction of the shell can reduce the noise up to 10 out. Static pressure piling only when the engine produces low weak noise, which can be ignored. Some noise levels recorded during piling.

   Noise control The focus on noise is mainly focused on two aspects: noise on the health and safety of construction workers and the impact of the environment. Prolonged noise in the hearing will be damaged, extreme noise can cause instant hearing damage. Employers usually want to be able to assess noise levels and use different levels of interventions:

(1) Level 1 intervention level -85 dB (noise level per person per day) Provide information on hearing risk and provide protection as required;

(2) Level 2 Intervention Level -90dB: Control the noise source, require an ear cap, and control the time when people are in noise. There are no signs of a hat and an earmuff.

(3) the highest level of intervention level -140dB (single noise) to avoid contact noise, this noise will lead to instant hearing loss.

   In the event of conditions permit, the employer should minimize the time of employee exposure to noise. If necessary, the following aspects of noise assessment should be carried out by qualified personnel:

① reduce noise contact;

② ear protection equipment;

③ hearing protection area;

④ provide information to employees.

   The current specification does not give the maximum level of external noise. Here are some suggestions:

(1) City mid-range noise-sensitive building 1m outside the day maximum L that is 75dB (A) rural is 70dB (A);

(2) Weekend construction should reduce the noise by 0;

(3) outside the residential area is generally not allowed to construction at night, if you want to build the noise control tape must be controlled at 40 ~ 50dB (A).

   Under normal circumstances, the construction site in the day will be subject to background noise interference. If the noise level of the noise level increased by 3dB, people will be able to feel. If the noise level increases by 10dB, people feel that it will be twice as much noise amplification. If the increase in noise level means that the noise is expanded by 10 times.

   In any sensitive area to measure the environmental noise and by the pile of noise generated by noise increases by 1dB is likely to cause people's dissatisfaction. What countries can produce steel sheet piles In the case of prior notice, the noise limit in the construction agreement can be increased by 10 to 20 dB (A) at the original level. For example, if the office noise limit is 65, then it can be set in the agreement 75dB and vibration is similar to 2017 Larsen steel sheet pile how much money will be the noise intensity and its duration in advance will improve people's patience limit.


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