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Larsen steel sheet pile

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1. In order to prevent the trench earthwork from being excavated, the lateral soil pressure will squeeze the steel sheet pile. After the steel sheet pile is applied, the Larsen steel sheet pile on both sides of the open channel will be made of H200*200*11*19mm I-beam. They are connected into groups, and the position is about 1.5m below the top of the pile. They are welded with electric welding rods, and then the hollow circular steel is used every 5 meters, and the special sports joints are used to support the steel sheet piles on both sides symmetrically. The nut of the sports joint must be tightened when supporting, ensuring the verticality of the Larsen steel sheet pile and the trench excavation.

2. Larsen steel sheet piles are accepted by the crawler-type excavator. Before the application, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the environment of underground pipelines and buildings, and carefully release the correct support pile centerline.

3. In the process of trench trench excavation steel sheet piling for sale, inspect the changing environment of steel sheet piles at any time. If there is significant subversion or uplift, immediately increase the symmetry support in the subversion or uplift.

4. Before piling, grease can be applied in the lock of the steel sheet pile to facilitate the driving in and out of the steel sheet pile.

5. In the process of inserting the steel sheet pile, the slope of each pile is not over 2% with the measurement. When the deflection is too large, it is necessary to pull up the heavy hit.

6. Before piling, the steel sheet piles shall be checked one by one, and the rusted and severely deformed steel sheet piles adjacent to the interlocking buckle shall be removed, and the steel sheet piles that are severely deformed shall be used after the completion of the integration, and the failing of the repair shall not be carried out after the renovation.

7, the dense buckle and the pipe after the excavation is not less than 2 meters into the soil, the steel pipe pile is closed smoothly; the other is to check the four corners of the well to use the corner steel plate pile, if there is no such steel plate pile, use the old tire or rotten Cloth seams and other help to seal the steps, to prevent the ground from collapsing due to leakage of water. The location of the Larsen steel sheet pile should meet the planning requirements, and it is convenient for the earthwork construction of the groove bottom, that is, there is room for the mold and the mold to be removed outside the most prominent edge of the foundation.


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