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Larsen steel sheet pile support how to install

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Larsen steel sheet pile after piling is completed, if you want to dig deeper, we must consider starting to do within the support, to ensure that Larsen steel sheet pile will not be tilted by external forces. So here we come to introduce the Larsen steel sheet pile support how to install?

Application of Larsen Steel Sheet Pile Support

Larsen steel sheet pile construction generally to install the pit support approach is one side of the pumping, while the installation of internal support. Pumping should be pumping every 1m pause for some time to make the support within the steady force, and timely plugging.

Larsen steel sheet pile support within the support installation Note:

A、should be installed in strict accordance with the number of support within the design;

B、within the support with the pump in time to install;

C、the installation of internal support to strictly control the quality of the weld.

Larsen steel sheet pile inserted to complete the beginning of the sand excavation excavation pit installed inside the support. Here we install the 3 into the support as an example, Larsen steel sheet support within the support from top to bottom 3 layers. First, the first 1,2,3 layer of the frame beam placed in the cofferdam, and then install the first layer of the inner support. With foundation pit excavation. Followed by welding two other inner support. After the installation of the support within the steel plate pile and the gap between the frame with a wooden wedge plug. To ensure that the frame beam force evenly.


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