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Larsen steel sheet piles 2 and 3 specifications

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Vibration can make loose granular soil becomes dense, from the particle acceleration of more than 0.2 ~ 0.49, the ground below 10m people resulting in differential settlement. Steel sheet piles show that when the depth of the loose bulk saturated soil in the long period of vibration will become dense during the process. The vibration is unlikely to occur at a distance of 5 m away from the operating point unless there is a wide range of liquefaction.

Larsen steel sheet piles 2 and 3 specifications

When the vibration acceleration exceeds 1g, it is most likely to cause settling of the settlement when the pile is pulled near the new floor or wall and the hydraulic filling is vibrated.


Slope instability on this issue, almost no relevant reference. The steel sheet pile is simple to analyze the sliding of granular soil, and gives the safety coefficient of profit and slip. If an instantaneous vertical acceleration is applied to the slope, the anti-slip and the slipping force will increase by the same amplitude, so that the vertical vibration has no effect. If the application of an outward horizontal acceleration on the slope is the increase in the mass of the sliding force, the safety factor is reduced.

The noise of the noise will occur in the form of sharp repetitive pulses or buzzing during piling. If the noise of the construction site: the specified threshold, then the contractor will need to take measures to protect the hearing of the workers in public Noise should be minimized to avoid interference and damage to hearing.

Reduce the piling noise static pressure pile generated by the pile can be ignored, the diesel engine noise is also very low, you can put the diesel engine at a distance, closed hydraulic drop hammer and smooth operation of the vibration pile driver are Well designed to reduce noise, compared with the previous equipment is also a lot of quiet, choose the right pile hammer and pile pad, can significantly reduce the noise.

Good construction method Vibration piling or impact hammer piling, you can use the method described below to reduce noise. The noise will decrease as the distance increases, so that noise-generating equipment can be placed away from public places and workers. Punch hammers hit the steel sheet when the noise is particularly large, Classification of steel sheet piles which countries can produce steel piles can use wooden mats or plastic mats to reduce noise can also be wrapped in the pile hammer noise reduction shell.


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