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Larsen steel sheet piles from the production to the application experienced what ups and downs

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In the global scope of all companies engaged in industry are products as the center as the company's core competitiveness, a good product development to production to a wide range of applications should be put into considerable financial and material resources, if the product itself violated the vested interests of the group The interests of the time they will strongly resist, which requires the company itself is very respected and perseverance of the endurance of the last possible for everyone to accept and use. Now we have to talk about the Larsen steel sheet piles is a serious obstacle to the final realization of the ancient infrastructure construction field of a revolution, remember that when people use backward construction methods to bring a variety of problems and struggling when the German one Iron and steel enterprises took the lead in the development of a high-strength and high resistance of special steel (Larsen steel sheet pile), in its just to the market when only a few construction companies to introduce the use of the product did not undergo a rigorous test of the lack of practical application in the construction There is a process of pulling the steel can not withstand the pressure of bending and bending the phenomenon of the market reaction is not strong The company's performance brought to its knees, but the company's decision-making firm firmly believe that this revolutionary product in the follow-up investment in the improvement of debt, after a few The application of the product more and more mature in all aspects can meet the construction standards Many construction companies competing to buy this can improve the construction efficiency of the product, it seems that their adherence finally benefit from the company's performance is also rising, the company A jubilant.


With the expansion of the steel sheet construction market, some companies have been in the field of infrastructure in the field of obsessed, they began to boycott the Larsen steel sheet pile not allowed to enter the construction site even at the site of the door to intercept and threaten the construction staff, but a Good products are not able to let the market resist Although some interest groups do not want but gradually accepted this phenomenon they also began to use this material construction.


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