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Larsen steel sheet piles will usher in spring development


From a global perspective, the annual consumption of Larsen steel sheet piles reached 800,000 tons during the peak construction period, and China's steel production accounted for one-third of the world's steel output. The annual consumption of steel sheet piles is very low, and steel sheet piles become instrumental. Materials, foreign pile drivers have formed an industry, of which 2 / 3 long-term use, 1/3 into the rental market, Germany has 13 piling companies, about 3 to 4 tons.

According to the experience of developed countries, China is in a period of rapid economic development, with wide geographical distribution and complicated geological structure. In the future, China's steel sheet pile market is huge, and it has special and extensive demand for sheet pile manufacturers. The potential demand can reach 500,000 t / year, will usher in the development of Larsen steel sheet pile spring.

At present, the application and promotion of Larsen steel sheet piles in China is very similar to the market situation of the application of h-shaped steel piles a few years ago, in preparation for large-scale entry into the Chinese market. According to the survey, in the next 10-20 years, some domestic steel companies have been tracking the development of the Larsen steel sheet pile market. Many foreign companies have also targeted China's potential market space in the future. China's waters reconstruction and infrastructure construction along the Yangtze River will be steel sheet piles. The application offers ample space.

At the same time, the rapid development of China's economy, various efficient, fast, and environmentally friendly construction methods have been recognized and developed. The advantages of steel sheet piles will gradually be recognized. The application of steel sheet piles will become more and more widespread in China. .

From the perspective of market competition, compared with the fierce competition in Europe and America, China's Larsen sheet pile market has low competition, low product competitiveness and huge development potential. Such a market is undoubtedly a huge cake, which naturally makes the Lassen steel sheet pile giants in the West covet. The continuous entry of imported steel sheet piles has accelerated the evolution of the Chinese steel sheet pile market to international competition.

From the point of view of production and management, there are very few Larsen steel sheet piles in China, the inappropriate equipment selection, imperfect supporting facilities, weak product development, slow product renewal, etc., the overall image of the product has been unable to get rid of The shadows mimic foreign products, and the products are technically flawed.


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