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Larsen steel sheet support design requirements

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In the excavation depth of more than 5m of the foundation pit, or Larsen steel sheet pile depth of less than half the length of steel sheet pile and geological conditions are particularly poor circumstances, the use of Larsen steel sheet pile construction, generally need to set the internal support. In these cases only to do the Larsen steel sheet pile support to control the Larsen steel sheet pile displacement, to ensure that the size of the construction work surface or to prevent landslides, steel sheet pile collapse to ensure the safety of construction operations. Here we want to introduce is on the Larsen steel sheet support design requirements of what? Together with the blue road plate pile of engineers to see it.

Most of the small and medium-sized Larsen steel sheet pile construction time is relatively short, if the owner itself does not support the material, the more economical approach is to use the rental support material, and preferably by Larsen steel sheet pile construction and installation. From the initial Larsen steel sheet pile support is applied to the ditch, to the development has been more than 30 years. To now, Larsen steel sheet pile support maximum load up to 2500kN, purlin span of 20m. However, we need to note that if the purlin span is too large, it must check the amount of deflection (Note: the amount of deflection refers to a material (such as steel, flexible board, etc.) the amount of bending), because the excessive deflection Making the wall and wall after the apparent displacement of the ground.

For large Larsen steel sheet pile coffers that exceed the support range, it is necessary to use beams, columns and tubes as the support system for the Larsen steel sheet pile, which requires stiffeners to prevent local buckling.

Here we use a picture to illustrate the Larsen steel sheet support the lateral support of the ultimate bearing capacity, as shown below


Design of Lusen Steel Sheet Pile Support

1, the data in the table is based on BS 5950-1: 2000;

2, H-section cross-section to be used in conjunction with the vertical web;

3, support in the plane and the facade must be fixed;

4, the data in the table to consider the support of self-weight and in the role of support center lOkN vertical accidental load;

5, the table of data to consider the eccentricity of 10% of the depth of the axial load;

6, support the use of EN10025 provisions of the S275 grade steel;

7, for additional load, repeated load and alternative materials, must be calculated by determining the axial bearing capacity.


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