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Larssen, Hoesch AZ sheet piles

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AZ sheet pile has Larssen and Hoesch type. They are provided by customers with the required capacity. Longitudinal structures are usually composed of two channels or I-beams set back to back to provide the required wall stiffness between the tie bars. AZ26, AZ26-700, AZ18-700, AZ14-770, AZ24-700 are commonly used as HZ sheet piles. AZ36-700N, AZ38-700N, AZ46, AZ48, AZ50 are produced by Arcelor and Arcelormittal.

When stacking piles on site, it is recommended that they be placed on wood or steel gaskets to place belts or chains around the binding bands. Ras Al Khaimah Port Development Project is located in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. The existing port is expanded by reclaiming the land behind the permanent sheet pile manufacturers.

It is suggested that the stacking height of AZ sheet piles should not exceed 4 in order to prevent excessive load on the bottom. The design in all these projects conforms to the relevant British standards. Gaskets should be placed at regular intervals along the length of the pile, up to 4 meters apart. It is suggested that the overhang should be limited to 1.5 meters. The proposed design is that the AZ sheet pile wall is tied to the anchor wall of the smaller sheet pile.

We suggest using larrssen sheet pile to make sheet pile for main wall and anchor wall. The bending moment of the bending part is determined by 10. Ideally, bundles should be staggered in the plane - as mentioned above, AZ sheet piles provide stability. We also cover the following areas: calculation of modulus of sheet pile and details of connection between sheet pile and return system.

AZ36-700N, AZ38-700N, AZ46, AZ48, AZ50 are produced by Arcelor and Arcelormittal.


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