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Layout and frequency of steel sheet pile monitoring

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As the saying goes, have good things to do before doing what certain plans, inevitable in construction plan is also essential, implementation plan is very important, but a good construction plan will save you a lot of trouble, so as to achieve a multiplier.

In the construction of steel sheet pile strict use and monitoring layout and frequency can not be ignored, the following Wuxi Heng Yong construction experts for you to interpret the layout and frequency of steel sheet pile monitoring:

First, in the construction of the main plant column foundation, only support system monitoring. After studying the top of the steel sheet pile, each 5m is set with 1 control points. Before the excavation of the foundation pit, the coordinate of the control point is measured as the initial coordinate value by the instrument. After the monitoring point layout is completed, the original value is measured 2 times to reduce the error. The frequency of foundation pit monitoring is adjusted with the progress of earthwork excavation and the change of foundation pit. The excavation frequency is not less than 2 /d during excavation, and the excavation frequency is not less than 1 times after the completion of excavation. /d. If the displacement of the top displacement of the steel sheet pile is observed, the number of observation should be increased appropriately. When the observed displacement tends to be stable, the observation interval can be extended.

The second, basic equipment supporting construction, mainly to the horizontal displacement of the pile cap based CD axis 46 ~ 52 lines and settlement observation, set a benchmark of initial data, column cap foundation monitoring frequency before the excavation of 1 /d, 2 /d after excavation. According to the column foundation in excavation monitoring, small displacement of the first layer, in the excavation of the second layer (pit 2 excavation) of larger displacement, after excavation pile foundation is basically in a stable state. How to Identify the Quality of Larsen Steel Sheet Piles When continuous rainfall based slight displacement. The backfill has been monitored until the foundation is backfilled.


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