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Light sheet pile ASP-2, ASP-II

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The prominent feature of this type of wall is the range of options that can be created by combining different beams, sheet piles and connectors. When light sheet piles are no longer properly interlocked with their neighbors, this is called separation. They must have a periphery that can withstand massive tank failures and the possibility of all content flowing into the surrounding area. Visual inspection of the sheet pile wall that is still visible after driving can be carried out, but signal transmitters must be used for those wall sections buried with ASP-2 and ASP-II  sheet pile manufacturers .

In addition, the liquid was likely to catch fire at that time, so the surrounding area must also cater to this potential problem. 2.3 shows various composite steel sheet pile walls made of single or double PSP pile segments and intermediate plates. Pile driving work closely with Arcelor Mittal through its agents in Europe. The following table gives instructions for ASP-2 that can be generated for specific component combinations.

Because of the limited number of clutches per meter wall, their wide profile light sheet piles are the ideal choice. The seal of the clutch is at least half of other sheet piles, which means that the risk of leakage is low. In this structure, sheet-pile walls transmit loads due to the earth and water pressure to the piles, while ASP-II can withstand heavy-duty retaining walls, such as Arcelor, which are calculated to ensure that the strict requirements of customers and contractors are met, while budgetary constraints are observed.

Even careful driving can not completely exclude interlocking damage. It suggests checking separation to improve the reliability of steel sheet pile walls. The eastern sheet pile has won the project with our sheet pile option.


Dimensions Weight Per meter of wall

Types Thickness Width Height Per pile Per wall Modulus of Section Moment of Inertia
mm mm mm Kg/m Kg/m2 Cm3/m Cm4/m
ASP-2 4 250 42 11.8 47.2 48.6 85.1
ASP-II 5 250 43 14.8 59.2 59.7 107


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