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Light steel sheet pile KLS2,KLS3A


All lightweight sheet piles are coated with 375 micron Jotamastic 87 black paint at 3.35 metres on the front and 4.0 metres on the back. Box piles consist of four AZ parts, a pair of AZ and a plate, or at any position where heavy loads are required, a pair of U-shaped sections can be easily introduced into a row of sheet piles. The sheet pile wall can be screwed into the pre cutting groove, or pressing, shock or vibration drive in place in front of the top plate.EU8 3.35 meters and 3.35 meters at the top of the back with a pile, which 375 micron Jotamastic 87 black paint all painting work in China ESC factory of.KLS2 can also be used as a separate bearing for the foundation or open wharf And dolphin building piling . The driving force is transmitted to the pile concentrically, but the counterforce is distributed unevenly on the sheet pile manufacturers.

Large radius of gyration of them makes them particularly suitable for building involves long pile long or no lateral support for the situation. In order to prevent the tilt of sheet pile, they should be kept in the guide frame or bracket. All deliveries of the project were carried out in March 2009. If the previous sheet pile loosened the soil, KLS3A might appear in the dense soil.

Generally, light sheet pile KLS2, KLS3A and KLS3 can be driven by open circuit.  The soil displacement and fluctuation of the ground is usually eliminated, because in the initial penetration into the soil during the open end of the pile toe and with the depth increasing the formation of effective plug. Have any impact or shock thread and stamping will not, in stark contrast with the shock and vibration driving method. In hard soil, through pre drilling, water spraying, pre sandblasting or even to replace the soil to reduce driving.Extra clutch with the goods sent to ensure that if any special rotation or obstacles lead to corner drive line changes, then the KLS3 can perform on-site manufacturing and will not delay the project schedule.

The forward tilt is caused by the friction in the interlock and the compaction of the soil when driving the previous sheet pile. Sheet pile can be driven to all normal soil, very compact ground and soft rock. In the negative perspective, obstacles or hard strata in soil may weaken the sheet piling. They can be used to resist vertical and horizontal force, usually can be positioned on the walls so that it does not affect the appearance of. When driving sheet pile wall, the sheet pile can start to tilt forward or backward relative to the driving direction.


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