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Longke obtains funds to build sheet pile wall protection bank


Long-term branch: The city will receive funds in the near future to take further action to protect its coast from future storms.

Long Branch will receive more than $7.3 million in federal funds to build a sheet-pile wall extending east of the city's new boardwalk.

The city is expected to sell new boarded roads sometime this month, providing more than $18 million for its design and construction.

The bulkheads sheet pile manufacturers and adjacent roads were severely damaged by superstorm Sandy, Long Branch boardwalk and cliffs.

According to a press release from Congressman Frank Pallone, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is funding sheet-pile walls.

"This grant will help ensure that our community is resilient when another storm strikes our shores," Pallone said at the launch. "As we continue to rebuild, we have a unique opportunity in Long Branch and throughout the state to improve our infrastructure and make it stronger than before and able to withstand future storms."

The wall will be 5,450 feet of straight steel and will be mounted on feet deep underground. It will help control erosion and reduce or eliminate the threat of damage to plank roads, cliffs, bulkheads and roads in future storms.

The installation of sheet-pile wall will make the damaged wooden road higher than the flood height of foundation (BFE). The new boardwalk is also 10 kilometers wider than the original one.

Construction of the new boardwalk is expected to begin in spring and continue into summer.


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