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​M7,M11,M13,M15,M17,multilock 500/4 Interlocking trench sheets

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The interlocking trench plate M7 project is currently constructing M13 or M15 M11 projects at the M17 planning stage of the port, with a total investment of US $3 billion 700 million. The minimum spacing between ground anchors and lengths should be three times the length of M7 or 5 feet in diameter sheet piles for sale. Individuals who are familiar with falling equipment include the manufacturer's advice and correct use, inspection and M11 maintenance instructions; who can identify existing and potential fall risks; and if a smaller spacing is needed to develop the required anchorage design force, M13 can be considered to distinguish the anchorage tilt between the alternate anchors. Projects include planning or design stage projects, projects at the environmental review stage and M15 projects considered "ready".

LAANE classifications of the project as follows: through complete full length M17 encapsulation and electrical isolation from walls, and structural bolts connected to these components, the rod should be protected from corrosion. It has the right to take immediate corrective action to eliminate these M7 hazards; and is familiar with the rules of installation, use, inspection and maintenance of falling protection equipment and systems in this section.

The trench plate multilock 500/4 wall is usually locked under the load of GFI or SEI under the load equal to 0.75 times the anchor design force T. Demolition projects on dock improvement projects or port land; community - based projects: all anchors on the wall should be tested by testing, performance testing, or creep tests. The maximum test load of the anchor shall be 1.5 times of the design force of the anchor T.  M11 is used to connect and connect parts and positioning system systems of personal anti falling systems. Higher locking force M13 can be considered to minimize wall motion or to form a higher friction between wall elements and retained soil.

The M15, which is directly adjacent to the port, but does not involve the movement of goods, includes the development of the San Pedro beach and Hari bridge buffer zone, and the environmental mitigation. It can be a M17 independent component of the system, such as a carbine, or it can be an integral part of a part of the system (such as a fastener or a D ring fasten on a body belt, or a multiple locking button 500/4 or stitched to a rope or an automatic rope). Projects aimed at reducing environmental impacts related to port activities through emission reduction, wildlife protection or water quality improvement. The area between the warning line system and the unprotected side and edge of the walking / working surface European sheet pile VL 601 FP,VL 601K,VL 602A,VL 602K,VL 602+0.5 . The anchor of GFI and SEI with steel strands should be locked under the stress of at least 0.50fpu on the steel strand to ensure that the steel strand at the steel strand anchorage can keep enough grip on the steel strand to prevent sliding.

SectionDimensionsMassPer meter of wall

WidthHeightThicknessSingle pileWallSection modulusBending Moment

Multilock 500/452075424.346.7118.355
GFI SEI50075633.867.720662

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