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Machining Data of steel sheet piles

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The materials of the tie rods are 52350 and 5550 weldable structural steels in the European Standard "Hot-rolled Structural Steel Products Part 1: Technical Delivery Conditions" (EN 10025). To maximize the economic benefits of high-strength rod, we must use The yield strength of 500MPa of steel.
Tie rods can be produced with round bars, which minimize the area of ​​tension in which the threaded portion of the threaded rods machined. In addition, a smaller diameter rod material is machined to forge the base material to form a larger diameter. Through this process, you can order into the size of the thread.
The threads may be formed by cold rolling or cold working.
The ultimate bearing capacity of a pole rod is based on the part of the threaded rod. It is common practice to minimize the minimum bearing capacity of the pole or shank portion of the threaded portion of the tie rod during the service life of the structure to A value less than a certain percentage of the steel yield strength or the ultimate tensile strength of the steel, In the design specifications, this value takes into account a net area of ​​about 70% after loss of area over the length of the thread . The extension area of ​​the thread is the net cross-sectional area after taking into account the loss of area within the thread length.
Therefore, the ultimate bearing capacity of the tie rod is the smaller cross-sectional area of ​​the rod. Therefore, the ultimate bearing capacity of the tie rod is the smaller of the steel sheet piles, and the ultimate weight is the yield stress of the steel, The following three values: KAt, GAgA, GA, or A, where K is the reduction factor The value is determined by the local standard and is not the ultimate tensile strength of the steel, A is the strength of the bear, and A is the Gross cross-sectional area of ​​the base material.
Tensile stress area, G is the yield of steel rod manufacturers produce different products, designers should contact the manufacturer to obtain the latest product information. Parameters for partial rebar rods. It can be seen that a base metal with a small diameter can be formed into A rod with a specified thread size by thickening the end portion. When analyzing the ultimate bearing capacity of different steel sheet piles, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the tensile area of ​​the threaded portion is the minimum tensile area because some Not consider the manufacturing error.


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