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Mechanics calculation principle of steel sheet piles cofferdam

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The steel sheet piles are tightly waterproofed, with a simple structure and high strength. The combination is adaptive because of the steel sheet piles foundation, high speed, temporary works, pit structure, so that you can re-use it many times for you. The prerequisite for these excellent performance is the need to meet the design requirements of internal forces. Analysis of the internal force of the steel sheet piles supporting steel sheet piles The calculation of the inflection point pressure at the main node, the actual construction process of the steel sheet piles, which is embedded in the minimum depth of ease because it simplifies the inspection straight beam design and in addition to the corresponding calculation , Which is the depth of the burial step calculated from the soil conditions, where there is, because they must be careful to maintain a constant margin, if multiplied by the margin factor must be emphasized uncertainty and variability, the coefficient is usually - 1.2 is best for being selected as 1.1.
steel sheet piles
The calculation of the existing support system, the main house is the analysis of the purlin and bar (or anchor) in the police force, received a uniform beam of uniform load distribution, correction of the corresponding calculation and design calculation of the design guidelines, the relevant engineering mechanics and the use of nuclear structural mechanics. steel sheet piles in the construction process, according to the excavation through other comprehensive comparison of the characteristics of steel sheet piles during the economic, technical and specific choice, the final consideration of the best match the overall cost of the project to arrive at the optimization. In the large-scale water conservancy construction site, the use of steel sheet piles, you need to consider many aspects.


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