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Monitoring of steel sheet piles construction support

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Steel sheet piles with high strength, strong adaptability. steel sheet piles foundation pit structure adjustment, and a better fitting of the month, namely the structure of simple, fast, temporary projects can be reused many times. The premise is that this is in order To meet its internal force of the design requirements of the best performance.
steel sheet piles
In practice, construction, excavation, performance, steel sheet piles capital, technology, etc. during the comprehensive comparison process, participate in the appropriate adjustment options to optimize the entire project cost considerations. Digging deep in predicament, and the use of rammed ring, so deep pit, the surrounding large, complex, considering the direction of development of the environment and many other aspects. Support the construction of water conservancy irreplaceable position with the use of steel sheet piles And gradually promote the use of its true value.
In this case,
Soil monitoring of steel sheet piles support control excavation open and underground construction process, lateral movement and environmental conditions changes, a variety of observations timely guidance and feedback design and construction observation and analysis, which means that the support structure. The stress and deformation data of The supporting state is now produced using the computer monitoring system and provides the environment. As the advances in information technology and reinforcement technology makes it possible to achieve millimeter-level deformation control. High water table, large hydropower and safety considerations, if the program should Choose the right atmosphere. Sliding displacements along the ground are observed throughout the construction. And to the timely response of the data in order to detect problems in a timely manner. Adjust the solution, if necessary, to minimize such security risks.


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