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Monitoring sheet piles an arrangement can not be ignored

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During the construction of the steel sheet piles, rigorous testing arrangement is essential. Today on the smooth steel industry can not be ignored and share monitoring sheet pile arrangement and frequency.
Monitoring sheet pile
1、the steel sheet piles foundation supporting the construction equipment, the main part of the CD cover two-axis horizontal displacement and subsidence monitoring line in 4652, the original data set a precedent, the front door pillar foundation excavation monitoring frequency 1 / d, 2 times digging / ð. According to the monitoring post, given the small size of the first layer when digging, digging a second layer (2 times digging IFC) after the completion of excavation large displacement of the basic pillars of steady, continuous rainfall basis slight change. This is the basis for monitoring the filling has been completed.
2、the main plant building, simply because support system monitoring. From the top of the set of control points, leaf pile excavation tool every 5 meters before the study to measure the levels used as the initial coordinates coordinates. 2 After the initial value, after the monitoring point measurement to reduce errors. Dug pit with soil and adaptation of monitoring progress pit frequency. After less than 2 times / d rate of tunneling excavation, mining excavation complete frequency less than once / day. In the case of steel sheet piles upshift mutation surveillance should be increased by the number of observations. When stable volume monitoring interval observed can be extended.
Shunli steel industry after two decades of development, the formation of more than two thousand full range of product specifications:
U-shaped cold-formed steel sheet piles, Z-type cold-formed steel sheet piling, wide hat type steel sheet piles, wave-shaped steel sheet piless, H-shaped steel sheet piless, steel pipe piles, hot-rolled and cold-formed locking connector, etc., face a variety of projects and customers can provide the best cost-effective SL series.


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