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Notes and steel sheet piles construction practices introduced

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We also steel sheet piles construction, it is necessary according to the construction site, construction methods and construction materials. Selection of steel sheet piles length depends on the job site conditions, after inspection and approval of materials in order to serve the steel sheet piles construction use. Pile axis position must be correct and vertical piles, into the control of the intensity and precision, in order to prevent deformation of steel sheet piles and improve penetration capability. We generally seen to be a guide tube, also known as "cofferdam." Here Shunli steel industry will come and we talk about the precautions and practices steel sheet piles construction.
 At the construction site, must be prepared to "leveling." And according to the site ground conditions do first concrete lining construction convenient. Site four weeks should be set up drains, sewage pit, heap out of the water, precipitation hole into the sewer before the meet environmental requirements. Construction site unearthed routes should remain open. FIG accurate actinomycetes release midline pile position and the pile diameter, and technical review by the relevant procedures pile of earth excavation. Before digging pile, accumulate in the center, surrounded by heart cause stacking four control points, with stakes calibration.
Before the steel sheet piles construction, construction site technicians and construction workers should be fully inspected by a hole construction preparation, step by step technical tests, safety education and safety, technology management thinking in the organization, measures have been implemented. By a person responsible for the pile-digit bore axis do pile, pile diameter, pile length and the vertical centerline bedrock soil records; covert inspection records pile reinforcement cage and concrete, as well as finishing knitting book distribution unit and sent to the relevant technical departments Archive after finishing. Height dividing wall form according to soil conditions, it is generally used 50~ one hundred centimeters. Must be familiar construction workers digging geology, and ground inspection, when faced with a large number of security changes affect groundwater soil excavator attention, after the flow of sand to take immediate and effective protection measures, continue to dig deep before.
Digging procedure should be higher than the first quarter, less than 100~150 mm high retaining wall aperture wall thickness, and the site should be higher than the ground 200~250 mm or depending on design requirements, overlap between the upper and lower stop wall length of not less than 50 mm. In order to ensure the integrity of the steel sheet piles retaining wall, as the soil conditions. We must use a uniform arrangement, φ8 steel tie bars, so as not to sink out of line, such as a large wall painting design, according to the construction design requirements.
When poured concrete walls, templates and percussion with bamboo sticks and real interpolation method. Shall not be filled with concrete in the pile hole submerged template case. According to soil conditions, try using the accelerator, designed to meet the strength requirements as soon as possible. Great Wall discovered cellular, leakage, blockage or transferred in a timely manner, in order to prevent the inflow of external wall of water bore holes, to ensure the strength of concrete walls and security. Each part of the template installation, you should let someone else strict inspection center position and wall thickness can be aligned across the horizontal axis marks the center of the hammer hanging line, look at the template position to ensure verticality. Meet the requirements, the template can be used to support the wedge into the soil, stable position to prevent displacement of the concrete template £ occur. When the on-site production of reinforcement cage, should implement the relevant regulatory requirements.
It has the only ocean engineering research and development center steel sheet piles, ensuring better performance under the premise owners and construction side of a significant reduction in steel consumption, save a lot of money, and therefore in international bidding for major projects repeated success, frequently winning . Ocean and river port construction, marine breakwaters, deep excavation, fields Pipe Gallery, subways, bridges, tunnels, steel sheet piles along the force to show their talents, widely used!


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