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OZ steel sheet piles 6 advantages

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OZ steel sheet piles advantag es :
steel sheet piles
1、the lock symmetry distribution in the neutral axis on both sides of a specific location、the cross-section to improve the quality of bending modulus reduction;
2、the moment of inertia of the section is increased、the bending stiffness of the sheet pile wall increases、effectively reducing the displacement and deformation;
3、the use of high-grade steel、so that it has a higher bending strength;
4、the thickness of the uniform thickness of the sheet pile to ensure that the stiffness is conducive to pile;
5、compared with the ordinary steel sheet piles、OZ steel sheet piles series increased width、effectively saving the lifting and piling time;
6、the increase in cross-section width、reducing the number of per-meter wall of the lock directly improve the sheet pile wall sealing performance.


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