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Over - excavation Compensation for Retaining Walls, Materials and Pile Point

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Over - digging compensation
In the limit state calculation of bearing capacity, the super-excavation should be compensated for the wall, the retaining wall of the passive ground and the lowest ground level on the passive side. The cantilever steel sheet piles should be increased by 10%, and the height of the supporting type retaining wall is the minimum supporting point to the bottom distance 10% but the maximum can not exceed 0.5m. It should be noted that if a pipe or Cable is embedded in the passive zone, the depth of the notch should be included in the excavation depth rather than the over-excavation compensation, which is not used for normal service limit calculations.
steel sheet piles
Material properties
In the permanent structure, the long-term performance of steel sheet piless and the effect of corrosion must be taken into account. The section of the sheet pile is selected to be larger than the section section. 
In this case,
Piling conditions
The section of steel sheet piles required in compacted soils is larger than that of sheet piles satisfying the structural requirements. Piling conditions should be considered in the early stage of the design because the smaller the cross-section of the sheet pile is, the greater the supporting Effect will be when the piling conditions are satisfied.


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