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Overload Data on the Retaining Wall of steel sheet piles

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Overloading on the Retaining Wall of steel sheet piles
During the construction period, there is construction machinery around the excavation surface, so it is recommended to adopt the minimum ground overload on the earth surface. The size of the overload depends on the size of the device and the expected activity. When the size and Quality of equipment is large, the size of the overload may limit the type of equipment, the current widespread use of the European 20kh minimum ground overload.
steel sheet piles
In the United Kingdom, the recommended minimum overload is 10 kPa, but this value should be increased in the following cases: heavy machinery near the cofferdam or excavated earth and rock, building materials close to the pile wall -lm About 20 a girl's overload. If the retaining heights are less than 3 m, the British Code allows this value to beatively reduced without a minimum of 10 kp of ground overload during use use of the structure.
In places where the ground, such as ports, is heavily loaded or concentrated, steel sheet piles is more economical to use load bearing piles, which can transfer loads to lower soil layers where there is no lateral pressure on the sheet pile retaining structure.


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