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PAU and PAL sheet piles


PAU and PAL U sheet piles are mainly used in Europe, especially in the Netherlands. The ground is sand, which means that sheet piles with larger width and thinner thickness are ideal solutions. Made of thin steel plate, PAU and PAL parts are light in weight, easy to operate, fast in installation and high in efficiency. Due to the effective design of cross-section shape, Arcelor sheet pile can provide extremely high strength although it is made of thin sheet pile manufacturers

U-shaped sheet piles were first produced in Britain in 1955, and many new specifications have been developed for different applications. Due to its excellent machinability, water tightness and cross-sectional characteristics, U-panel is considered as a reliable civil engineering material.

The production process of PAU sheet pile is made of qualified strip steel coil. After the unwinding, pre-straightening and butt welding procedure, it enters the roll bending forming block. After bending several forming rollers, the section shape of the product is realized by strip billet, and then the finished product is straightened and cut into the length of the product. After strict final product inspection, the finished product is packaged and stored.

The process flow of steel sheet pile production line is as follows: unwinding - leveling - shearing and butt welding - Longitudinal Shearing - cold rolling forming - sawing - Inspection - collection and packaging - storage from the design stage, we can start our role and calculate for the contractor. Prior to extraction, general costs and prices should be provided to customers. We can also provide suggestions on the selection of sheet pile hammer, sheet pile machine, sheet pile driver and sheet pile drill.


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