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PZC and PZ steel sheet piles

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PZ and PZC sheet piles, also known as Larssen sheet piles, are mainly used in the United States. Some Central American countries also like these parts better.

Larsen steel sheet piling prices has been widely used in water reconstruction and infrastructure construction in coastal areas. China's economic development will coincide with a series of large-scale projects. At the same time, China's high-speed railways, inter-city railways and national highway traffic construction all need foundation and cofferdam. Hot-rolled steel sheet piles can be driven up to 30 times in the natural state of gravel (particle size less than 20 mm), sand, silt and other geological conditions with foundation bearing capacity below 100 KN/m2.

Hot-rolled steel sheet piles are rolled with thin sheets (ordinary thickness 8 mm ~ 14 mm). It has low production cost, low price and more flexible length control. However, simple processing methods and all sheet piles with the same thickness also lead to the increase of cross-section size and can not optimize the amount of steel.

According to the actual situation of the project, customers can choose the most economical and reasonable cross section, optimize the design of the project, save 10-15% of the material compared with the performance, and greatly reduce the construction cost.


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