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Parallel flanges channels UPE

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Parallel flange passages have thinner material thickness, but on the other hand, flanges are slightly wider than UPN profiles. UPE channels conforming to DIN 1026-2 conform to UNP channels to a large extent, and are standardized by DIN 1026, but they have widened and parallel flanges. Channel sheet piling prices with parallel flanges now also have stainless steel, which is a very interesting alternative to UPN series. It is possible to transfer load in Y-axis UPE parallel flange channel for steel channel beams. The relationship between better static value and UNP channel is higher. It is related to weight and modulus of bending section - Wy/G and Wz/G. In addition, the new UPE series matches perfectly with the size of IPE series conforming to EN standard. Accelerate simplification by eliminating adapters and required washers, welding, tightening and riveting.

UPE channel is the abbreviation of channel section with parallel flanges. It conforms to DIN 1026-2:2009-10 standard and its tolerance meets EN 10279:2000. The UPE series has the advantage of referencing UAP channel and passing the French standard of NF A 45-255. Therefore, the use of UPE profiles can reduce the weight by up to 30% by maintaining the same static conditions. Because of the characteristics of UPE steel channel, architects and engineers can reduce the weight by 9% when calculating around the strong axis, even when pointing to the weaker axis, by 24%. Better connection with beams with parallel flanges (HE and IPE).

Dimensions: DIN 1026-2:2002-10

Tolerance: EN 10279:2000

Surface condition: According to EN 10163-3:2004, Class C, Subclass 1

IdentificationNominal dimensionsDimensions for detailingCross-sectionNominal weight 1mSurface


UPE 8080504,07,0106646--
UPE 100100554,57,5108565M12353612,59,820,40241,00
UPE 120120605,08,01210480M12354115,412,10,46037,98
UPE 140140655,09,01212298M16353818,414,50,52035,95
UPE 160160705,59,512141117M16364321,717,00,57934,01
UPE 180180755,510,512159135M16364825,119,70,63932,40
UPE 200200806,011,013178152M20464729,022,80,69730,60
UPE 220220856,512,013196170M22474933,926,60,75628,43
UPE 240240907,012,515215185M24475138,530,20,81326,89
UPE 270270957,513,515243213M27485044,835,20,89225,34
UPE 3003001009,515,015270240M27505556,644,40,96821,78
UPE 33033010511,016,018298262M27546067,853,21,04319,60
UPE 36036011012,017,018326290M27556577,961,21,12118,32
UPE 40040011513,518,018364328M27577091,972,21,21816,87


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