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Pile supporting measures in the construction cofferdam of steel sheet pile

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Function, appearance and practical value are the standards used by people to choose building materials today. Steel sheet pile is in line with the above three points: the elements of its manufacturing components provide a simple and practical structure to meet all structural safety and environmental protection requirements, and the buildings built with steel sheet piles have great attraction. The application of steel sheet pile runs through and extends to the whole construction industry, from the application of traditional water conservancy and civil technology, and through the application of railway and tramway to the application of environmental pollution control. So what are the auxiliary methods for the steel sheet pile cofferdam?

1、water punching method

High pressure water sprinkler is set up at the tip of the pile. The high pressure water jet loosened the soil and took away the loose soil and stone, reduced the resistance of the pile tip, and reduced the friction force between the surface of the pile and the lock catch, so as to facilitate pile sinking and reduce the damage of the pile and equipment.

2、Pre drilling method

Pre drilling can reduce soil resistance: a hole with a diameter of about 30 centimeters in the center of a group pile width, or the use of a twist drill to loose soil is also very effective.


This method is suitable for soil which is difficult or impossible to construct steel sheet pile (H type pile, box pile or pipe pile).

Ordinary blasting: the explosion on the pile wall produces V - shaped trench, and it is still difficult to pile the pile in the loose soil area, because it is suggested to strengthen the pile tip. Impact blasting: the solid rock is turned into fine particles,sheet pile  retaining wall but it does not move it, and it has little effect on the rock.


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