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Piling steel sheet piles construction process on how to correct skewed

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steel sheet piles cofferdam in Bridge Engineering application is still very common. Because there was added steel sheet piles construction period will reduce the number of workers in the construction work will be a lot of convenience. But in the construction due to the steel sheet piles can easily tilt, this situation will lead to a bad cofferdam to prevent leakage, thus affecting really a steel sheet piles construction. So smooth steel industry today and we mention how after 2:00 steel sheet piles piling process should be inclined to correct:
1、the degree of tilt of steel sheet piles construction if I can not move the winch cable can be used to change the inclination reverse beat cofferdam;
2、encountered relatively large degree of tilt can with a special steel sheet piles sheet pile to wedge correction process.
Shunli steel industry engaged in the production and sale of steel sheet piles for 20 years, helping tens of thousands of construction projects to provide steel sheet piles cofferdam design and construction solutions. Accumulated a lot of experience. Welcome every friend to contact with us, your satisfaction is the greatest honor of force along the steel industry.


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